Who’s installing what…

County Council (HCC) has launched what it claims is the first council
interactive recruitment website in the UK. The council is the largest employer
in the area, and the site will process applications for permanent and temporary
positions throughout the organisation. The development is in line with the
Government’s e-strategy targets for local authorities, and HCC hopes to have at
least 50 per cent of candidates using the site for applications by 2005. The
technology has been provided by Manpower, which developed a bespoke system for
the council.
Weblink  www.manpower.co.uk www.hertsdirect.org/jobs

Construction Equipment (CE), one of the world’s biggest providers of
construction equipment, is implementing WBT Systems’ TopClass e-learning
solution to provide sales, service and product training to its global
e-learning solution. This follows a pilot of 10,000 training courses delivered
to 1,000 learners around the world. Dealers who received training on TopClass,
as well as a hands-on session, increased their market share by more than 30 per
cent. Learners gave the system a thumbs-up with a rating of 91 per cent for
relevancy to their job and 89 per cent for ease of understanding.  Weblink www.wbtsystems.com

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