Why Work is Weird: An antidote to the frustrations of corporate life

Why Work is Weird: An antidote to the frustrations of corporate life
Authors: Jerry Connor and Lee Sears|
Price: £12.99
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Business
Pages: 235
ISBN: 1904879055

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Why Work is Weird is a blend of cutting-edge psychology, real-life experience and simple, but profound, solutions. By revealing the tricks organisations play on us and, more interestingly, the ones we play on ourselves, it provides a driver for personal change and deeper understanding of our organisations.

This book is written by two experts in the field of organisational behaviour and describes new and original organisational and personality models. By using a character called the ‘Workdoctor’, the book explores six different metaphorical diseases or syndromes that can be caught at work, what causes them, and the antidote.

It looks at the ways in which individuals try, and sometimes fail, to blend into the ‘organisational wallpaper’, and how, in an attempt to fit in at work, people lose their identity, emotions or work-life balance.

A series of case studies help the reader to understand the ‘diseases’ and their effects, and provide evidence of the success of the solutions prescribed for a cure.

I’m sure I was experiencing ‘top-dog syndrome’ before going on holiday. On my return, I was able to put some of the suggested solutions to work in my workplace, and it has genuinely helped me.

The book has an easy-on-the-eye layout and an informal, fun and upbeat literary style, making it an easy and enjoyable read.

Useful? 5 out of 5
Well-written? 5 out of 5
Practical? 5 out of 5
Inspirational? 5 out of 5
Value for money? 5 out of 5
Overall  5 out of 5

Reviewed by Amanda Priestley, HR manager, Zarlink Semiconductor Ltd

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