Women losing out in e-economy

Women are as likely to face sexual discrimination in the technology sector
as they are in more traditional industries, according to an Industrial Society

It shows that despite the success of a few high-profile women
e-entrepreneurs in the new economy, men still dominate the investment and
finance community.

Dot Bombshell: Women, e-quality and the New Economy, by the Industrial
Society’s Helen Wilkinson, finds that in the E25 list of most successful
Internet start-ups only three women are listed as founders. Only 1 per cent of
business angels – self-made entrepreneur investors – are women.

Wilkinson, founder of a new venture, Genderquake, said, "The huge potential
of the new economy to transform the relationship between gender and wealth
creation is not being realised.

"An historic opportunity is in danger of being missed. The talents of
women are being neglected by the most vibrant part of the economy."

Wilkinson claims women face a harder time raising financing, have greater
family responsibilities and suffer from stereotyping about their abilities.

Wilkinson, who highlights the fall in the number of women moving into IT,
thinks that if women are given more encouragement and support they will make a
real contribution to the economy.

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