Work-life balance a key priority for most employees

DTI survey has revealed that eight in 10 employees would love to spend more
time with friends and family in 2004, if only they could balance their work and
lives more effectively,

better work-life balance and spending time with nearest and dearest are not the
only resolutions UK workers would like to accomplish in the New Year.

in 10 said that they would like to pursue their interest in the arts, while
more than half would like to play more sport.

despite a keen interest in pursuing more interests over the coming year, 28 per
cent of people feel that they are still spending too much time at work at the
expense of other commitments.

workers appear to have already made lifestyle changes, as nearly four in 10 (38
per cent) have changed their working hours to fit in with their commitments and
interests outside work.

survey is part of the DTI’s current Work-Life Balance campaign.

By Mike Berry

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