Work-life balance high on the agenda following 11 Sept

balance is set to play a crucial role in helping Citigroup retain its high
earning and performing staff in the aftermath of 11 September.

which employs 1,000 people who earn £1 million a year including bonuses, is to
extend a successful home working pilot scheme for high earners.

investment bank has found that its employees want a better work-life balance
following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre when 16,000 staff in
its New York office had to be relocated.

concierge service and sabbaticals for staff are ideas also being explored by
the firm.

Fisher, director of diversity at Citigroup, told delegates at the CIPD
conference in Harrogate, “We have noticed a sombre mood amongst employees since
11 September. Talk of burnout is much more on the agenda with employees more
reflective about their life and contribution.

are looking to extend our job sharing scheme. It is already done on the trading
floor to a limited extent. Employees work half weeks with a lap over day on

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