Work-life balance is key issue

Employers will lose key staff if they fail to realise the significance of
good work-life balance, according to research by Roffey Park Management

The study found that middle and senior managers now regard having an
adequate amount of time to spend on their home lives and interests as a mark of
their achievement.

Report author Caroline Glynn said, "Today’s managers measure their
career success by the amount of time they have available for family, friends,
hobbies, leisure activities, studies or voluntary work.

"So-called family-friendly policies rarely help to resolve this issue.
There is a stigma attached to them which needs to be removed so employees can
take them up without fear of jeopardising their careers."

The long-hours work culture has made spare time a valued commodity for
managers, the study argues, and most managers say their employers currently
demand more time than they are prepared to give.

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