Work-related stress doubles in 10 years

number of people suffering from work-related stress has more than doubled in
the last decade, according to new figures from the Health and Safety Executive

show that in 1990 the estimated levels of stress-related conditions was 829 per
100,000 but that figure has now soared to 1,700 per 100,000.

GMB union expressed concern at the rise and called for legislation forcing
employers to take action.

Sunley, GMB’s health and safety officer said the carrot approach of providing
advice and information has failed to reduced stress at work and more pro-active
measures were needed.

are still employers out there who are doing nothing to address work-related
stress. They have no policies and no risk assessments.

the very least we need an approved code of practice and an enforcement to make
sure it is applied," she said.

By Ross Wigham

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