Work stress is linked to fatal heart attacks

who suffer stress brought on in the workplace are more likely to die from a
heart attack or fatal stroke, with blue collar workers at greater risk than

new report by the TUC-backed Hazards publication found that workers exposed to
stress for at least half of their working lives are 25 per cent more likely to
die from a heart attack and 50 per cent more prone to fatal strokes.

Modern Workers Health Check also cites stress as Britain’s main workplace
health problem, with stressed workers at more than twice the risk of heart

report, which comprises a range of research from around the world, also
features US stress expert Paul Landsbergis who claims shopfloor staff are at
far greater risk of stress-related illnesses such as high blood pressure and
heart disease.

research also claims:

An individual’s mental health deteriorates when a change in workload results in
higher demands, less control and reduced support

Poor management planning and organisation can lead to heart disease

Working for unreasonable and unfair bosses leads to dangerously high blood

Workers are smoking, drinking and ‘slobbing out’ to deal with workplace stress

Long-term work-related stress is worse for the heart than ageing 30 years or
gaining 40lbs in weight

general secretary, Brendan Barber said: "Stress at work is cutting
workers’ lives short. This enormous strain on individuals and society will only
end when we tackle the causes of stress such as overwork and the long-hours
culture. The UK needs a workforce that works well and stays well."

By Ross Wigham

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