Workers get better at bearing bad news

Companies have made steady progress in encouraging staff to report important information to their management, but many workers are still not comfortable with sharing bad news with their bosses, according to a study by research firm Sirota Survey Intelligence.

While half of employees (51%) felt they could communicate bad news to their bosses a decade ago, this has increased to 65% of employees today, the survey found. Yet more than a third (35%) of employees overall, surveyed between 2001 and mid-2005, believe that top management at their companies does not encourage reporting important information up the management line.

In all, Sirota surveyed more than 900,000 employees at 68 companies between 1991 and mid-2005.

Even with this trend towards increased openness between corporate leadership and employees, more than one-third of non-managers, and more than one-quarter of managers, do not feel encouraged to share bad news with the management of their organisation.



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