Young high-fliers dropping out of the rat race

professionals in Britain are suffering from burnout and choosing to drop out of
the rat race in increasing numbers.

new survey has identified the TIREDs – Thirtysomething Independent Radical
Educated Dropouts – who are searching for jobs that offer more satisfaction
with less stress, even if it involves taking a paycut.

report, by communications agency The Fish Can Sing, shows that 30-somethings
are choosing to ‘protire’ –  dropping
out of unfulfilling roles to seek the LDDR factor (less demand, deeper reward).

shows that one in 15 of 18 to 35 year olds have already protired, with nearly
one in two planning to protire when they are over 30.

report claims that more than two-thirds of 18 to 35 year olds said they were
unhappy at work, a number that increased to 83 per cent among 30 to 35 year

significant proportion of talented young people – precisely those who
businesses are so keen on – are protiring," said Howard Beale, from The
Fish Can Sing.

generation perceived to have it all are questioning whether they want it

By Michael Millar

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