Your money for your life

handing over £10 in ready cash, employees will be able to demand access to
confidential company records, including e-mails, under the Information
Commission’s new code of practice.

the code to increase openness in the workplace, employees will have the right
to see virtually all company records that mention them, including sickness
records, disciplinary or training records and appraisal or performance review

rules are set out in the final draft of the Information Commission code on
employee records, which employers will have to follow to avoid criminal

narrowly defined exceptions to this general right of access will be allowed.
Employers will be able to refuse access to information held for management forecasting,
such as plans to promote, transfer or make a worker redundant.

new code, which comes under the Data Protection Act, is being issued in four
sections. Rules will be published shortly on drug testing and the monitoring of

By Mike Broad

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