10 reasons why employers might apply the brakes

Cycling to work might seem like a good idea for your organisation but there are reasons why it may not be a good decision. This list suggests 10 reasons why you might want to think again. Talk to a cycle-to-work provider for specific advice.

1. Do you have someone to lead the project?
Employers really need one or more people of standing to champion a cycle-to-work scheme. While third-party suppliers take care of most of the work, they will need someone in your organisation to really drive the programme internally.

2. Is your location suitable?
A workplace on an industrial estate accessible exclusively via a dual carriageway may discourage your employees from putting on their hi-vis cycling vests. Think whether cycle to work is suitable for your location. It may be worth polling staff to ascertain potential take-up.

3. Space
Do you really have the facilities at present? Not only do you need to consider bike sheds, you may need to install showers, lockers and other storage.

4. Complexity
If phrases such as ‘salary sacrifice’ and ‘consumer credit agreement’ fill you with dread, perhaps you should proceed with caution. Although remember that third parties can take out most, if not all, of the pain of running a scheme.

5. Low-paid workers
If a significant portion of your workforce are paid the national minimum wage or not much more, then they will not be able to benefit. You need to consider other benefits.

6. Under-18 workers
Only adults can enter the consumer credit agreement that drives the cycle-to-work scheme.

7. Payroll system
If your payroll system is a little clunky, salary sacrifice schemes can be tricky to implement.

8. High staff turnover
If your employees frequently move on, you may want to consider whether cycle to work is worthwhile, as this creates added complication if they leave during the scheme.

9. Risk of poor take-up
Even if you poll people and a good proportion of staff express an interest, motivating oneself to cycle to work can be tough, and easy to put off indefinitely despite the best intentions. How serious are your employees?

10. Smell
Not everyone will take advantage of the showers you provide.

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