101 Tips for Employers

Author: Kate Russell
Price: £42
Publisher: Russell Personnel & Training
Pages: 335
ISBN: 0755201280

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This ‘briefcase bible’ is the updated third edition of Russell’s comprehensive battle to keep business owners and managers up to date with employment legislation and best practice. Presented in a logical progression that leads you through the legal minefields of recruitment to the challenging process of fair termination, this book could prove invaluable.

An A to Z of HR knowledge that is linked to legal interpretation is a resource most managers should not be without. The real bonus is that the book is linked to the author’s web page, where customers can register for updates; thus ensuring that case law and legislation changes that occur after the publishing date are fully accommodated.

Russell’s writing style is conversational, making it both easy to understand and transferable to the real working world. Her barrister, operations, HR and specialist trainer experiences enable real work-life problems to be met with workable and defendable solutions.

So if a readily available resource is required to effectively plan those ongoing, not-sure-how-to-deal-with employment issues, then the average manager will be well served by this book.

Without it, or something similar, the queuing ‘no win, no fee’ chasers will easily identify your process weaknesses and could give you a hard and expensive wake-up call.

As Russell says of her book: “It will give you clear information, help you understand the options and enable you to make the right decisions.”

Useful? Four out of five stars
Well written? Four out of five stars
Practical? Fiveout of five stars
Inspirational? Four out of five stars
Value for money? Five out of five stars
Overall Four out of five stars

Reviewed by Peter Bailey, deputy head of HR, Vertex

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