2WayTrust raises the stakes with its approach to feedback and appraisals

In the midst of signs that companies are cutting back on their spending on consultants and expensive 360 degree feedback systems, 2WayTrust is now offering a money back guarantee to organisations buying scripts for appraisals and feedback from its website.

According to 2WayTrust Managing Director Pete Ashby:

“The market in HR is changing dramatically at the moment, and a lot of businesses are now looking at how they can cut their budgets for consultants for appraisals and feedback. 

“The problem they have is that if Managers are to rely less on consultants and do more of this themselves, they need some sort of script to take them through the process. 

“We’re amazed that this hasn’t been available before now, and the response from HR Directors to our scripts is very encouraging indeed.”

The money back guarantee offered by 2WayTrust is limited to companies buying its commentaries for no-scoring appraisals and team-based feedback together with its guide for leadership teams on dysfunctional behaviours. 

Pete Ashby justifies this on the grounds that companies most likely to succeed with the 2WayTrust scripts are the ones committed to culture change. 

“If the top team of an organisation aren’t committed to a more open culture and able to admit their own mistakes, they’re not likely to make a success of the approach that we’re offering them. 

“Where our scripts come in is when staff can see that their top team are leading by example.  This is when the £1500 they pay us really can improve performance. 

“Without people at the top at least trying to practise what they preach, they’re almost certainly wasting their money!”

2WayTrust claims that its money back guarantee is a good example of the two-way trust philosophy in action. 

Ashby says, “We trust a Director or Manager to make their own judgement of whether our scripts are helping them to improve performance.  If their experience is that they’re not working, we trust them on this and refund the money. 

“We’ve never had to give any refunds when we’ve offered money back guarantees in the past, but there’s a first time for everything!”

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