350 engineer and scientist jobs to be created at Dyson HQ

Dyson plans to create 350 engineer and scientist jobs at its Wiltshire headquarters, it has emerged.

The vacuum cleaner manufacturer said it will double its specialist engineering workforce from 350 to 700, the Guardian has reported.

Sir James Dyson, founder of the company, said: “We have always been big recruiters, and now we are looking for a range of graduates with the specialist skills to work on new products as well as further development of existing products such as the Airblade” hand-dryer.

Last year Dyson was appointed by the Conservatives to lead a task-force looking at how to increase hi-tech exports from the UK.

Last month Dyson published the Ingenious Britain report in response.

About 1,300 staff are currently employed at the Malmesbury site, and the jobs will add to a worldwide workforce of 2,500.

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