A Handbook of Employee Reward Management and Practice

A Handbook of Employee Reward Management and Practice

By Michael Armstrong, Tina Stephens
Publisher: Kogan Page
Pages: 400
Price: £27.50
ISBN: 074944343x


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As small HR departments evolve, this book will be an invaluable tool for an HR manager/director, not only to enable positive formulation of reward policies and plans, but also as a specific and precise reference tool.

In today’s business world, attracting and retaining key employees at all levels is essential. This book covers performance management and the total spectrum of activities that leads up to preparing appropriate reward policies in every way possible. It is an encyclopaedic, methodical tool in every aspect, and should be an essential reference book to any worthwhile future-thinking company.

This book flows from the overview at the start, through strategic policies and reward to the psychological contract, plus a maze of factors affecting pay structures, and ways to closely evaluate and develop reward practices and attendant processes.

The job evaluation processes are well put together and carefully thought through, and consolidated into an understandable format.

This book is not only practical, but by linking so many thought patterns together, it has become a creative and essential item for those who need to build upon their own ideas relating to reward management and evaluation of such systems.

Any HR person with reasonable experience could prepare masses of critical information from this book to submit to directors, without the need for a specialist. I was in command of all the data and ideas that I would need. In essence, I could prepare a strategic plan for a reward/remuneration policy. To me, this was inspirational, as all the criteria were there.

I cannot fault this book. We all know that even with perfection, any scheme in any company can fail or succeed. But with the information
available here, it would have all the ingredients for success.

Useful?  5 stars
Well-written? 5 stars
Practical? 5 stars
Inspirational? 5 stars
Value for money? 5 stars

John Hooley is a consultant

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