A new look, but still tough on issues that matter

Welcome to a fresher-looking Personnel Today. This week, to mark our biggest
issue of the year, we have given the magazine a bit of a makeover to modernise
our design and make it easier for readers to find their way around.

Signposting has been improved to all sections, contents panels are given
more emphasis to highlight what is inside and new typefaces should make
Personnel Today even easier to read.

Our focus has not changed. Easy access to stories, data and business issues
that really matter is our mantra, plus the Personnel Today trademark of
challenging the profession where necessary.

As the only HR publication providing information and jobs every week, we
will continue with our commitment to be your indispensable practical resource.

This week’s tough look at HR’s failings may raise a feweyebrows but then
we’ve never been a magazine happy with the status quo.

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