A third of UK workers aware of drugs use at work

in three UK employees are aware of people who are under the influence of drugs
at work, according to a survey of 8,000 workers.

research, from recruitment site Reed.co.uk, reveals that the media and service
industries are worst affected, with 41 per cent of employees being aware of
people being under the influence or taking drugs at work.

month, an independent 18-month investigation concluded that workplace drug
testing could increase dramatically in the UK and become a fact of everyday
working life.

Independent Inquiry into Drug Testing at Work, sponsored by DrugScope and the
Joseph Rowntree Foundation, predicted the UK "could be on the cusp of an
explosion of drug testing".

Reed, chief executive officer at Reed, said: "If drugs are being taken by
people at work, it’s hardly surprising that employers will want to take action.
This is why drug testing is so commonplace in America. Hopefully it won’t be
necessary here in the UK, but if drug-use grows don’t be surprised if it happens."

findings of the Reed survey:

Londoners top the regional league of areas where drugs at work have become more

Banking is the cleanest industry, with 28 per cent of people aware of drugs in
the workplace

One in five workers feels mixing illegal drugs and work has become more
acceptable over the last five years

Cannabis was the drug believed to be most frequently used at work, according to
49 per cent of respondents.

By Daniel Thomas

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