Abbey legal protection launches Abbey redundancy package

Abbey Legal Protection, the leading UK business legal expense firm, is launching a new package to help company bosses and HR departments with issues they face when dealing with staff redundancies.

The ‘Abbey Redundancy Package’ is a one-stop service for firms of all sizes, giving practical advice and assistance to firms they prepare for and carry out redundancy programmes. 

The launch by Abbey Legal Protection comes as unemployment rates across the UK rise, with an increase of 5.5% recorded in the three months to July 2008. 

Of these, 138,000 were made redundant, with employers having to adhere to strict procedures set down in employment law for dealing with redundancy procedure.

To aid businesses preparing to deal with redundancy issues, The Abbey Redundancy Package provides, for a set fee, advice and consulting from the Abbey team of employment law specialists and insurance to cover legal costs should employees turn to litigation against their former employer. 

Abbey Legal Protection also gives the business a full, initial audit on its employer liabilities and advice on how the firm should proceed in its redundancy programme. 

Commenting on the launch of Abbey Redundancy Package, Richard Candy, MD of Abbey Legal highlighted the costs to business for not following legal procedure when dealing with redundancies,

“The complexity of UK employment law has increased markedly in recent years, with company directors under unprecedented pressure to ensure compliance with strict procedure in redundancy issues.  There is great potential to fall foul of the law – with massive financial consequences for companies of all sizes.

“In these difficult economic times it would be a definite false-economy for directors not to investigate their responsibilities to their staff and prepare for where they stand should the possibility of redundancies becomes a reality.”

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