Acas thinks again on academic research

Acas is set to add an academic arm to produce research on industrial
relations issues.

The arbitration body is not going to revive its think-tank department that
was dismantled more than 10 years ago, and is looking to produce work-related
research and employer guidelines on best practice.

Speaking at the AnUMan conference, Acas chairwoman Rita Donaghy, said:
"We must have solid academic information about the link between industrial
relations and productivity."

Donaghy told the conference this development could involve working closely
with bodies such as the CIPD.

"We are looking to rebuild the thinking capacity. There are experts
working for Acas who have built up internal research, now it is time to move on
and work with groups like the CIPD, Industrial Society and the IPA," she

Donaghy told delegates she would like Acas to take on a more proactive role.

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