Accenture aims to attract more women to top jobs

Accenture has begun a series of initiatives to attract more women to the company, particularly in IT roles.

After its own survey, The Anatomy of the Glass Ceiling: Barriers to WomenÍs Professional Advancement, which revealed the extent of the problem, the consultancy firm has set itself the target of increasing the proportion of female IT specialists in the organisation from a third to 50%.

The organisation’s Global Women’s Initiative provides networking events for senior female executives and provides advice on issues such as female role models and work-life balance.

Sam Clark, inclusion and diversity manager at Accenture, said: “We very much want to have a balanced workforce. We are looking to try to fish in all of the available talent pools. If you do not attract women into your organisation, you are not attracting all of the talent.”

“Having women at the very top of an organisation is a very obvious indication that it is possible to be successful. Women prefer to work in an organisation where they have a track record.”

Accenture is also focusing on making it easier for women to return to work after leaving to have children.

It has set up a pre-maternity workshop, which allows staff to find out about flexible working opportunities and to talk to other women who have returned to work after having a child.

“Women often feel that it is difficult to come back to work. We are trying hard to address that,” said Clark.

The company offers a scheme that allows parents to trade in some of their salary for discounted nursery rates, to help employees return to work.

Parents can also use part of the company intranet to exchange information on childcare.

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