Action plan launched to promote diversity in police force

action plan to help police forces employ, retain and promote more minority
ethnic officers has been launched by the Government.

Through’ was produced by the Lawrence Steering Group, and provides a framework
for all forces to examine performance and identify barriers to the promotion of

is a key part of the Government’s strategy to tackle racism in the service and
aims to reinforce its message that police forces must promote race equality and
diversity if communities are to have confidence in them.

Office minister Hazel Blears said a representative workforce, which had the
trust and confidence of the communities it serves, was vital if the police were
to tackle crime effectively.

service has come a long way, but there is more to be done," she said.
"Representation of both women and ethnic minority people in senior and
middle ranks are a concern, and recent events have shown that racism remains a
problem in some parts of the service."

By Michael Millar

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