Age forum attacks plans to create ‘super commission’

Employers Forum on Age (EFA) has attacked the Government for failing to take
into account the needs of employers in its rush to create a new
super-commission for equality and human rights.

EFA was responding to the White Paper Fairness for All, which proposes the
creation of a new Commission for Equality and Human Rights (CEHR). The EFA is
calling for more time and pragmatism to establish what will and will not work.

Mercer, director of the EFA, said: “Giving employers so little chance to make their
voices heard is a bad deal for employers and working people alike.

Government runs the risk of both alienating employers and hearing only from
pressure groups who are intent on increasing legislation. This has led to calls
for a single equality act before the CEHR is even in existence and able to
establish that it is a good idea.”


a key role for business in the management and priority setting of the CEHR

help for employers now in implementing the new discrimination regulations

a focus on the practical delivery of advice and support to employers and
individuals on existing legislation, rather than a headlong rush to introduce
new laws.

By Quentin Reade

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