Airlines and airports both responsible for assisting disabled passengers

The Appeal Court has found that Ryanair and Stansted Airport were both responsible for providing a free wheelchair service for disabled travellers.

The ruling will have an impact on every British airport and airline, and will ensure that disabled people receive the same standard of service as non disabled travellers.

The Court of Appeal found that both the airline and the airport were responsible for ensuring that Bob Ross, a disabled passenger, could move from the check-in desk to the aircraft at Stansted Airport.

The judges said that both companies had discriminated against Ross by charging him for the use of a wheelchair.

The Appeal Court overturned an earlier ruling which found that Ryanair had unlawfully charged him for the use of a wheelchair.

Ross has been supported in his case against Ryanair and Stansted Airport by the Disability Rights Commission (DRC).

DRC chairman Bert Massie said: “This decision sends a signal to every airport and airline that disabled people will no longer put up with a second class service and that they have the firm backing of the law to ensure that fair treatment prevails.”

The DRC said that by being made to pay for a wheelchair Ross was treated less favourably because of his disability, an offence under Part 3 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

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