Alan Milburn to head commission on social mobility

Alan Milburn has been appointed by prime minister Gordon Brown to chair a panel of industry leaders bidding to help more working class people get into professional jobs.

The former Cabinet minister will head a commission on social mobility as the government gets back to its socialist values.

Writing for the Sunday Times, Milburn said: “Birth not worth has become more and more a determinant of people’s life chances.

“It cannot be right that bright young people find themselves unable to get on the professional career ladder.”

Policies reportedly under consideration include:

  • Creating state-funded internships for poorer graduates

  • Forcing the army to set up more cadet corps in comprehensive schools

  • Reforming the state school curriculum so children are taught debating and interview skills.

  • Shaking up the career structure of professions such as the media and law, where very low salaries for new recruits deter youngsters from poor backgrounds.

Milburn’s review stems from a white paper on how to improve social mobility, expected to be published this week.

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