Ann Summers hits back at advert ban

Lingerie and sex toy chain Ann Summers is lobbying the Government to change
legislation banning it from advertising for staff at JobCentres.

Under current legislation the High Street retailer cannot place vacancies at
the JobCentres because it is categorised as part of the sex industry.

HR executive for Ann Summers, Gary Burgham, said the firm is fighting the
ruling because it is expanding and will need up to 1,000 new staff within the
next two years on top of its current 650-strong workforce.

Burgham told Personnel Today the company needs to be on a level playing
field with other retailers if it is to attract staff.

"We are looking at new sites and we need new employees. Jobs are coming
thick and fast," he said.

Ann Summers chief executive Jacqueline Gold has written to the Department
for Work and Pensions (DWP) requesting a reclassification.

The firm is not considered a sex shop chain by other government departments
and it does not need a sex shop licence to trade.

The JobCentre ban extends to all employees at Ann Summers, including
warehouse workers and office staff who have no contact with any products.

A DWP spokeswoman said the case is being considered. The policy was
developed to protect the unemployed, who risk losing benefits if they ignore advertised

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