Are your Line Managers Conflict-Ready?

Find out how line managers can help to stop workplace conflict at the earliest stage.

At People Resolutions, we often come across minor workplace disagreements that have been ignored and left to escalate, becoming major disruptive conflict situations.  These situations can go on to have a negative impact on the organisation and everyone involved.

However, by having skilled and confident line managers, who are able to effectively tackle conflict situations at an early stage, the impact and cost of this conflict is greatly reduced.

Line managers can be a key ally for HR in conflict management by:

  • Understanding the significance and impact of conflict

  • Being aware of informal and formal resolution methods

  • Spotting the different types of conflict and their potential causes

  • Understanding how working and social styles can contribute towards conflict

  • Having the confidence and practical ability to manage and resolve conflict

By training line managers on how to tackle conflict within their teams, an organisation can significantly reduce the cost of conflict by avoiding expensive investigations and tribunals – instead, using mediation, coaching and other early resolution techniques to stop conflict in its tracks.

People Resolutions offers a wide range of conflict management training and is currently offering a 1-day ‘Nipping Conflict in the Bud’ open access course aimed specifically at Line Managers on Thursday 14th July 2011 for just £195 + VAT per delegate.  Full details are available here.

Call us on 0800 6125 110 or email for further information or to book your place.

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