Army base ‘party-poopers’ will face disciplinary action

at a US army base near Southampton have been warned they face disciplinary
action if they miss their Christmas party.

to the Daily Telegraph, Commander Raymond Langlais told all 200 workers, the
majority of whom are British, that their pay would be docked if they miss the

a memo to staff, he wrote: "If you feel like I am trying to force fun upon
you, then you are correct."

me make it clear that every employee’s duty on 19 December is the base
Christmas party. All employees not on approved leave will participate in the

said those who didn’t attend would "be considered absent, receive no pay
and be subject to disciplinary measures."

party is during working hours, prompting him to say: "If we are having a
Christmas party on our installation and people are getting paid to be here,
then I want them at the party and don’t want them just sitting in a lounge.

was told that last year some people were not involved in the party at all so
what I’m trying to do is get everyone involved this year."

By Quentin Reade

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