Art not coffee gets employees’ creative juices flowing

Employers should put modern art up in offices to stimulate
their employees instead of simply providing coffee machines, claims a new

InsideSpace, an online print and photography provider, said that
twice as many people found good, original artwork more likely to stimulate them
than caffeine.

And nearly all – 98 per cent – of the employees questioned
wanted some form of art in their office.

And 70 per cent said a selection of contemporary and individual
art in a reception area creates the most instant good impression about a

The survey of 250 office workers in February also found that
dressing down in casual wear failed to get the creative juices going, with only
13 per cent saying it helped them think.

InsideSpace chief executive Helena Djurkovic said, “Art is
an increasingly valuable commodity in the workplace, in the emotional and
inspirational impact it can have on both staff and clients.

“Get it right and employers can create an uplifting and
motivating space. Get it wrong and a real opportunity is thrown away.”

By Richard
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