As Gershon reports, size isn’t everything

As you no doubt know, Guru is never short of advice, but even he in his HR capacity might have struggled to answer this question that was put to disciple Paul by one of his company’s staff:

Dear Guru,

I am an HR manager working in a local authority in a major English city. I recently received the following e-mail:

‘I need to increase a wall height in the garden. It is three feet on the garden side and a five-foot drop on the other. I had a guest who decided to drop down the five-foot side and sustained considerable bruising. I want the wall built up with a fence like it is on the other side. I have contacted [building firm x] for the work but I need an idea as to what height it should be. I was thinking six feet, does that sound okay with yourself?’

I am obviously aware of Gershon efficiencies, so I have suggested five feet. After all, size isn’t everything.

Wise words Paul, wise words. 


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