Asda helps staff to create healthy minds

Employees of supermarket chain Asda are on their way to becoming one of the
fittest workforces in the country.

Asda’s belief in the old adage that a healthy body creates a healthy mind
has led to the company adopting a new approach to keeping its staff productive.

For just £1 a week, workers at Asda’s Chepstow distribution centre are using
a new gym, equipped with the latest in cardiovascular and resistance

And there’s no excuse for not exercising due to awkward shift patterns, as
the gym is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Almost 1,000 people working at the New House Farm industrial estate base
will also have the chance to check how their fitness is developing.

Asda has taken on employee well-being company BodyCheck to give staff an induction
in using the machines, with the option to have their individual health and
fitness needs assessed and progress monitored.

"We listen to what our colleagues have to say, and this is about
providing a service they requested," said people manager Sue Brewerton.

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