Attitude of staff seen as key to business

Deutsche Bank includes the results of its staff loyalty survey in its annual
reports to help evaluate the overall performance of the business.

Dr Silva Steffens-Duch, head of corporate marketing at Deutsche Bank, told
the IQPC HR Measurement conference last week that the loyalty survey is a key
performance indicator by shareholders.

Staff are asked questions under four categories: identification with the
organisational values, willingness to perform for the company, inclination to
stay and general commitment.

The answers are then translated into a percentage figure to measure the
loyalty of staff, with 50 per cent seen as a low rating and 80 per cent as

Deutsche Bank introduced the scheme in 1999 and has seen its staff
commitment rating grow from 66 per cent then to 70 per cent in January 2002.

Broken down into geographical areas, Spanish Deutsche bank staff are most
committed at present, with 77 per cent.

Steffens-Duch urged other HR professionals at the conference to follow suit.
"Employee commitment deserves to be in the same area as other business
performance indicators, which is why we publish it in our annual reports,"
she said.

"Commitment is linked to the employees’ views on the company’s goals
and values, while satisfaction is more about the position and workplace."

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