Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams

About Lucy Adams

Lucy Adams is the founder of Disruptive HR having previously held senior HR roles at the BBC, Eversheds and Serco.

Five reasons why you shouldn’t embark on HR Transformation

22 Feb 2019

In the final part of our serialisation of her book, Lucy Adams looks at updating the HR IT system and...

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Communicating change: The ‘Scary Six’ personas you need to win over

13 Feb 2019

Continuing our three-part serialisation of her book, Lucy Adams shares her “Scary Six”, examples of workplace personas that HR needs...

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Why it’s hard to make change happen in HR

6 Feb 2019

Beginning a three-part serialisation of her book, Lucy Adams – keynote speaker at this week’s HRD Summit – looks at why people don’t like to change the way they work and how you can make it easier for both them and you.

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“Now wash your hands”: Three ways to look at employee engagement

17 Feb 2016

We can really over-engineer things in HR. The jargon, the models of engagement, the diagnostics. Are we creating a veneer...

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