Aviation experts predict airline job losses of 100,000

largest US airlines are planning to cut capacity by at least 20 per cent in the
wake of the terrorist attacks and it could cut staffing levels

Airlines said that a 20 per cent cut would force it to lay off 12,000
employees. Delta Air Lines, Northwest, United Airlines, and American Airlines
said they were planning similar schedule reductions.

the US alone the industry is facing a bill of more than $1bn (£600m) for the
days last week when airlines were grounded.

experts in the aviation sector are predicting that airline job losses could
reach 100,000, and it will not just be American airlines which suffer.

US Government is to hold talks with the airlines this week on the crisis. An
emergency package including $2.5bn in grants and $12.5bn in loan guarantees has
been tabled in Congress, reports The Financial Times.

Mike Broad

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