Bad bosses run riot in one in four UK workplaces

Nearly one in four of UK managers are rated as ‘bad’ or ‘dreadful’, by their UK employees, and only 4% of staff would rate their bosses 10 out of 10.

A survey of almost 1,100 UK staff, by campaigning group The Good Boss Company, reveals that 58% of respondents have looked for another job because of their bad manager.

Employees believe the main causes of the behaviour of their bad managers are: poor training and development (44%), poor management by their own bosses (42%) overwork (34%), and under staffing (28%). Nearly half (48%) of employees think their bosses are bad, because they’re in the wrong job.

Andrea Gregory, founding partner of The Good Boss Company, said: “Despite huge investment in leadership development, it’s clearly missing the mark. Organisations need to go back to basics and understand the importance of softer skills like better communication and core values such as integrity and trustworthiness.”

Ruth Spellman, chief executive of Investors in People backed the findings.

“Poor leadership and management skills are alienating rather than motivating staff,” she said. ” This is an issue that employers must address, so that bosses aid rather than undermine progress towards business goals.”

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