Line managers

Line managers are responsible for managing an employer’s employees or teams. Employers have a hierarchy whereby line managers report upwards to higher management levels. Line managers typically allocate employees’ work, mange employees’ performance, and organise the completion of tasks for the employer within a set budget.

The trend in recent years has been for HR to devolve tasks that it would have done to line managers. For example, line managers are more involved than ever in recruitment, performance management and communicating with employees. HR should train line managers on these areas.

Security manager told to ‘grow up’ during cancer treatment

An employment tribunal in Birmingham ruled that Steve Pointon was subject to disability discrimination and constructive dismissal.

Performance: Why ‘rank and yank’ fell out of favour

26 Feb 2021

KPMG has been using a ‘set distribution’ or ranking approach to assessing employees’ performance. Like annual appraisals, this strategy has fallen out of favour in recent years, but why? 

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‘Don’t confuse flexible working with remote working’

16 Feb 2021

The rewards of establishing a functioning hybrid model of working are many, says EY, but businesses should be under no illusion about the challenges they face.

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Employees want increased flexibility after the pandemic

8 Feb 2021

Next year, high value employees will judge how well their firms supported them during the pandemic before deciding next career steps.

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‘Businesses need awareness of remote working dangers’

2 Feb 2021

Several groups of employees may see their career prospects damaged by remote working. Gartner's Brian Kropp urges businesses to increase their awareness.

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Why building resilience should be a priority in 2021

12 Jan 2021

Facing a landscape of coronavirus restrictions until spring at the earliest means building resilience among employees should be top of the agenda for business leaders.

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From compliance to compassion: research shows how priorities will change by 2030

16 Dec 2020

The pandemic has shaken up business priorities for leaders and will have a lasting impact on the future direction of...

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TUC taskforce to address ‘punitive’ use of AI in staff monitoring

30 Nov 2020

With the use of AI growing during the Covid pandemic a taskforce aims to protect workers from punitive ways of working.

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Personnel Today Awards 2020: HR Team of the Year shortlist

23 Nov 2020

The Personnel Today Awards winners will be announced on Thursday. Our final shortlist spotlight centres on the teams in the...

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Why management styles have to adapt for remote working

3 Nov 2020

Widespread working from home is creating an imperative for teams to review and adopt different management styles. Paida Dube examines...

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The future is hybrid: so where will we work?

26 Oct 2020

Recent surveys suggest that most organisations will face at least some degree of hybrid home and office working for months...

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Drug and alcohol abuse ‘a health concern, not just disciplinary issue’

25 Aug 2020

CIPD: need for investment in training, support programmes and access to occupational health advice around drug and alcohol misuse is greater than ever.

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Lloyds Banking Group makes best of lockdown to develop leaders

28 May 2020

Lloyds launched a leadership learning programme for new-to-role line managers just days before lockdown measures were announced.

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Frontline operational staff struggle to raise concerns

13 May 2020

People who work in frontline operational roles, such as those in construction and manufacturing, are less likely to have access...

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Coronavirus: how Public Health England is keeping staff safe

7 May 2020

Minimising hot desking and adopting one-way systems in corridors among agency's in-house measures.

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