Line managers

Line managers are responsible for managing an employer’s employees or teams. Employers have a hierarchy whereby line managers report upwards to higher management levels. Line managers typically allocate employees’ work, mange employees’ performance, and organise the completion of tasks for the employer within a set budget.

The trend in recent years has been for HR to devolve tasks that it would have done to line managers. For example, line managers are more involved than ever in recruitment, performance management and communicating with employees. HR should train line managers on these areas.

Skills gap will worsen after Brexit, say employers

Half of employers believe Brexit will exacerbate the shortage of skilled professionals in the UK, according to new research.

Poor management major driver in job dissatisfaction, survey finds

2 Jan 2018

Almost half of UK workers (47%) are looking to change jobs in 2018, Investors in People’s annual Job Exodus survey...

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A third of black employees feel discrimination blocks progress

4 Dec 2017

Almost a third of black employees believe their careers have been hampered by discrimination, according to new research from the...

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What employers can do to stop cyber bullying at work

15 Nov 2017

Anti-Bullying Week is a timely reminder for employers to look at the growing risk of cyber bullying at work. David...

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Why it pays for companies to invest their apprenticeship levy funding in managers

5 Oct 2017

HR and learning professionals may not agree with the questionable management practices on The Apprentice, but when considering where to...

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How workplace mediation reduced conflict and stress during Barts hospital merger

2 Aug 2017

Workplace mediation can prevent conflict at work leading to disciplinary problems or sickness absence, but awareness is low in many...

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Fair dismissal of line manager who refused workplace drug test

16 May 2016

An employment tribunal rejected an unfair dismissal claim by a line manager who was sacked when he refused to take...

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Underperforming managers still receiving bonuses.

Bosses still being rewarded for underperformance

10 May 2016

Despite falling short of performance expectations, nearly a quarter of managers are still taking home extra pay on top of...

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Managers have higher opinion of themselves than their teams have

10 Mar 2016

Managers rank their own performance more highly than their direct reports, a survey by HR consultancy Penna has revealed.

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42% of employees felt their peers were the biggest influence on employee engagement levels. Photo: Monkey Business Images/REX Shutterstock

Peers hold key to employee engagement, not HR

23 Sep 2015

Colleagues, rather than managers or HR, have a more positive effect on employee engagement levels at work, according to a...

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The end of the annual appraisal: what’s next for performance management?

24 Aug 2015

A growing number of employers are shunning formal annual appraisals in favour of regular dialogue with employees. What is driving...

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Why better management could unlock the productivity puzzle

8 Jul 2015

UK productivity is still lagging behind that of other countries, and bad people management is often to blame. How can...

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Line manager roles are key to a great workplace

20 May 2015

Line managers have to be everything from counsellors to colleagues, but their role in increasing engagement and productivity is crucial,...

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Managers trust their employers the least in the public sector, finds survey

24 Sep 2014

Managers in the public sector have the lowest levels of trust in their employers, according to a report released today...

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HR vs the line manager: how to make strategy a reality

20 Aug 2014

HR teams are expected to excel at everything from payroll to employee wellbeing, despite their resources being squeezed. How can...

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