Bank saves with online recruits

HFC Bank says a new online recruitment programme will save it £500,000 a
year and improve the quality of new hires.

David Smith, head of HR operations in the UK and Europe, said HFC – the
largest independent finance house in the world – recruits up to 1,000 people a
year, and the way it was managing candidates through the recruiting process
needed to be improved.

"With the old system, branch managers had to look at too many CVs and
it was taking too long," he said. "We were asking too much of them.
We needed to remove the front-end log-jam and needed to filter more."

The new system, tailor-made by HR Portal, allows agencies to advertise
vacancies on the best job sites and includes a careers portal on the HFC Bank
website. It also provides better filtering of candidates and manages them
through the system.

Managers are now presented with a shorter list of more appropriate

Smith said feedback indicated if candidates were good, reducing the number
of interviews needed and saving both time and money. "We are not removing
the manager from making decisions, we are just giving them better
candidates," he said.

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