BBC chief received £450,000 payoff

Dyke received a payoff of £456,000 after resigning as director-general of the
BBC in the wake of the Hutton report, the corporations annual report will show
next week.

payment represents one year’s salary of £375,000, plus a bonus relating to the
period he worked before his departure at the end of January.

bonus is in line with general bonus levels for BBC executives last year. These
will be shown to be 22 per cent of salary – the same level as the previous year
and less than the 30 per cent of salary that potentially can be awarded.

salaries for the BBC’s top executives increased by 1.9 per cent last year,
roughly in line with inflation, which may allow the corporation to escape
another ‘fat cat’ row at a time when staff redundancies seem inevitable.

director-general Mark Thompson signalled last week that overheads could be cut
to "under 10 per cent" of revenues during the next charter period
from the present level of 12 per cent.

By Daniel Thomas

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