BBC pay negotiations with Bectu, Amicus and NUJ unions break down

The BBC is heading for a pay showdown with its unions after negotiations broke down without agreement.

Last month, the broadcaster tabled a two-year offer consisting of a 3.5% rise or £700, whichever was the greater, in 2007 and a 2% rise in 2008. The current rate of inflation is 4.5%.

The Bectu, Amicus and NUJ unions rejected the offer. They want a minimum rise of £1,000, plus improvements in annual leave and sick pay.

Luke Crawley, Bectu supervisory official for the BBC division, said: “Union members at the BBC will be angered by this offer, which, due to the current rate of inflation, assumes a cut in pay in real terms for the next two years.

“In light of last year’s settlement, this will mean members being given a pay cut for three years in row.”

Unions are due to meet tomorrow (6 June) to decide their next course of action. Crawley said this could involve balloting for a strike.

The BBC said it was considering its position.

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