BBC to be forced to reveal the names and salaries of senior managers

The government is to force the BBC to reveal the names and salaries of 105 senior managers, under plans to ‘name and shame’ highly paid public sector workers.

The BBC has already named 80 staff who earn more than £150,000 in its quarterly disclosure of pay and expenses. But according to the Times, the corporation employs 105 staff who earn more than this, not counting on-screen talent and employees of BBC Worldwide, its commercial arm.

The BBC has so far refused to name the additional 25 staff, claiming they do not have enough responsibility to justify being identified.

Gordon Brown yesterday called for public sector bodies, including “publicly funded media”, to publish numbers of salaries in each salary band of more than £50,000 and to name individuals earning more than £150,000. A government source confirmed that this included BBC management.

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