Beating workplace conflict within the NHS

People Resolutions presents a new Conflict Management Training Programme, designed specifically for the NHS.

With the cost of conflict within the public sector climbing, People Resolutions continues to tackle the problem in a focused way and has developed a Conflict Management Training Programme tailored specifically for the NHS.

At an estimated annual cost to the UK economy of £33 billion, workplace conflict is a massive expense for many organisations, particularly for the public sector which is undergoing so many changes. In these uncertain times, with extensive reorganisation within the NHS, the likely risk of employee conflict caused by stress is increasing.

The Programme

All modules within the programme have been specifically designed to address the unique challenges of tackling workplace conflict within the NHS. Modules include:

  • Nipping Conflict in the Bud
  • Introduction to Mediation Skills
  • Introduction to Investigation Skills

These key modules within the programme are designed to give both HR and Line Managers the basic skills that they need to address conflict effectively and quickly.  The programme can be delivered as a whole, or as three individual courses, giving flexibility to train staff at a suitable pace.

The Trainers

In addition to a programme specifically designed for the NHS, People Resolutions has a team of trainers with extensive NHS experience, many having worked for the NHS (including trainer Jacky Sherman, former CEO of a Primary Care Trust)., or call us on 0800 6125 110 to find out more

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