Beware of the cultural impact on data security warns analyst

that outsource parts of their business to countries on the other side of the
world must not overlook the impact of cultural differences on security,
analysts warn.

such as India
and China
are popular destinations for outsourcing, but security could be a problem,
according to analyst firm Gartner.

instance, standards of privacy are often looser in India
because reading someone else’s e-mail would not be considered much of an
intrusion there, Gartner says.

more relaxed attitude toward privacy could have serious consequences when it
comes to protecting corporate data, the analysts warn.

that outsource operations overseas are advised to train local staff to adhere
to the company’s global privacy standards and to check the risk of government
interception of sensitive confidential information.

company Cognizant Technology
Solutions advises its clients to document its processes when outsourcing and to
get all parties involved to sign off on procedures to ensure transparency. It
also suggests background checks on local staff.

By Daniel Thomas

information on statutory compliance for overseas working, see





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