Big name is not enough for young

The prestige associated with working for a well-known company is no longer enough to attract young employees, according to a survey of teenagers’ perceptions of work.

The report, Young People’s Attitudes to Work, Careers and Learning, was compiled from a survey of 1,681 young people by executive education and research company Roffey Park in conjunction with Sussex Careers Service.

Project coordinator Carolyn Glynn said, “Young people seem to be more discriminating in their choice of employment and this suggests organisations can no longer rely on their name to attract future employees.”

Only 12 per cent rated promotion opportunities as important, with working for a well-known company, being part of a team and managing other people classed as unimportant.

Young people consider pay as an important factor when choosing jobs, cited by 42 per cent of boys but only 23 per cent of girls.

But 50 per cent of girls questioned said they want a role that is interesting to them, compared with 36 per cent of boys.

According to the report, 85 per cent of young people aged 14-15 expect work to be rewarding, interesting, enjoyable and exciting, with 47 per cent expecting it to be tough.

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