Blair commits to paid paternity leave

Prime Minister Tony Blair has confirmed the Government’s commitment to
providing two weeks paid paternity leave, pre-empting the results of the
consultative period on the review of parents working rights.

The consultative period on the green paper, Work and Parents:
Competitiveness and Choice, wasn’t due to end until 7 March.

Speaking at a Labour conference held in Glasgow, Scotland, at the end of
February, Blair promised to, "introduce for the first time the right to
paternity leave, paid for by the Government, not the employer".

Although the Prime Minister didn’t go into detail, it’s thought men will be
offered the same rate of pay as women on maternity leave which has just risen
to £62.20 per week.

However, other proposals in the green paper, which include the introduction
of rights for mothers to work part-time after having children have yet to be

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