Blended learning is the key to success says survey

E-learning is more likely to be successful when used as a blended solution
with other types of training, and if it is aligned to an organisation’s
business needs, says a survey from business school Ashridge, entitled
E-learning: the Findings and the Future.

Ashridge conducted the year-long research to find out how e-learning is
being implemented, to assess the barriers to it, and to learn more about the
factors that ensure it is successful. Companies interviewed include BBC,
Coca-Cola, Lloyds TSB, the Ministry of Defence, Volvo and Xerox. Findings were
also based on a quantitative survey of corporate subscribers to the Ashridge
Virtual Learning Resource Centre.

The results showed that there isn’t necessarily a correlation between amount
of money spent, nor the capability of the technology, and the success of the
learning. The loneliness of e-learners was cited as a common problem and within
some organisations, online learning’s negative image has led to it being
rebranded with the new term I-learning.

Ashridge suggests that a slower pace of development for e-learning may be a
good thing so that organisations can focus on creating an environment that
values learning. Further issues arising from the survey will be discussed in
Training next month when the survey will be analysed in more detail.

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