Blunkett says race is the key to community policing

racism and exclusion is vital to community policing, according to home
secretary David Blunkett.

to the National Black Police Association (NBPA) annual conference in Cardiff,
Blunkett called on black officers to work with police forces to keep up a
momentum for change.

said the number of ethnic minority officers had increased by more than 50 per
cent since targets were set in 1999 and minorities now account for 6 per cent
of the force – ahead of the 2004 target of 5 per cent.

get the best, whatever their background, the service has to be attractive to
the best. White, black, Asian, whatever, who wants to be part of a service
without modern service values?" he said.

have the opportunity to do this now," said the home secretary. "The
demographics of the police service are changing and with the recruitment of a
wider, more diverse police staff, we are already seeing a vastly different
organisation to even 10 years ago, which will and must reflect the communities
they serve."

By Michael Millar

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