Bob Crow resigns from Transport for London board

general secretary Bob Crow has tendered his resignation from the board of
Transport for London (TfL).

was brought up according to labour-movement principles and to believe that the
eleventh commandment is: ‘Thou shalt not cross a picket line’," Crow said

say I was shocked, saddened and disappointed to hear Mr Livingstone yesterday
call on RMT members to cross their own union’s picket lines would be a massive

Mayor should know that the way to settle disputes is not to attempt to break
strikes, but to negotiate, and that is what he should be getting his management
to do.

Livingstone would do well to take a leaf out of Network Rail’s book and get his
chief executive involved in talks personally. Why is Bob Kiley not involved in
these negotiations?" Crow asked.

Mr Livingstone has not read the small print in the offer so far on the table,
but he should be aware that there remain substantial legitimate objections to

all conscience, I can no longer sit on the TfL board, and today I have let it
be known that I am not available for re-appointment to it," he said.

By Quentin Reade

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