Leadership blighted by loneliness

business leaders are battling against office politics and loneliness, according
to a new survey.

survey, from the International Leadership Summit Leaders in London, asked
almost 1,000 chief executives, company directors and senior managers about the
worst elements of business leadership.

all, 43 per cent of respondents said politics, while 31 per cent cited
loneliness as the most unpleasant aspect of the job.

to the survey, the five worst elements of business leadership are:

1.       Politics                           43
per cent
2.       Loneliness                      31
per cent
3.       Liability                          9 per cent
4.       Responsibility                  8 per cent
5.       Criticism                         6 per cent

we like it or not, office politics is rife in modern business," said Tina
Schneidermann, president of Leaders in London.

today have to take into account the fact that everyone has their own hidden
agendas, and must deal with the intrigue, power struggles, tensions and disagreements
that accompany them."

By Quentin Reade

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