Bond International Software partners with Generation Financial Services

Leading HR and payroll software supplier Bond International Software partners with Generation Financial Services to provide employers with an all-in-one outsourced payroll and employee benefits solution.

Bond International Software, the global provider of recruitment & human capital management software & services, announces a partnership between its Bond Payroll Services division – a BACS-registered payroll outsourcing solution – and the London-based employee benefits broker, Generation Financial Services, in a move which will see corporate clients profit from an outsourced payroll service integrated with a dedicated employee benefits service.

This collaboration will provide organisations wishing to outsource both their payroll and employee benefits management with a full range of services incorporated into one cost-effective, simple package. Customers taking advantage of the all-in-one service should enjoy significantly reduced costs and will have the combined resources of both organisations at their disposal.

Bond Payroll Services is an established payroll outsourcing solution for organisations who do not want to or are unable to run their payroll internally. Fully BACS-registered Bond Pay Bureau improves the productivity of teams by eliminating time consuming tasks. Using Bond’s HMRC-accredited Payrite software, Bond Payroll Services effectively becomes the organisation’s payroll department, working to enhance professional skills and ensure a reliable and secure payroll processing service.

Generation Financial Services provides employers with detailed benefit solutions, devising and managing flexible benefit packages for employers of all sizes. Generation utilise the latest web-based technology to deliver a highly efficient administration and management service, giving its customers and their staff instant access to information on all existing employee benefits.

Integrating Generation’s flexible web based benefits services with Bond Payroll Services means Bond customers will be able to benefit from one simple approach which incorporates an entirely outsourced payroll, employee benefits and HR solution. This will be sold on a highly-flexible modular basis, meaning the service can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer. The all-in-one package will be available to customers at a cost substantially lower than that of implementing each service individually.

Andrew Waller, director at Generation, comments, “The Bond-Generation collaboration means we can provide new and existing customers with access to a simplified all-in-one payroll and benefits package at no extra cost to them – we believe at a dramatically lower cost. This is quite unlike anything our competitors have to offer, as the industry often sells each module as add-on extras at a cost of between £5,000 and £50,000.  The fact that we are offering our integrated solutions at a competitive monthly fee, without any initial charge obviously has the potential to increase our customer base. Together, Bond and Generation can offer their services at a far better price than would be possible if working separately.”

Neil Lagden, Head of Bond Payroll Services at Bond International Software, said: “Our Payroll Services package offers one of the most functional solutions available on the market, supported by proven and highly efficient software. Complementing our service with Generation’s platform and service will vastly improve the customer experience for employers wishing to outsource both payroll and employee benefits and is anticipated to deliver full return on investment within months of sign-up.”


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