Book mark of the month

Bookmark of the month

World of Training

If you’re feeling the pressure of finding diverse training for a diverse
workforce, World of Training has the potential to ease the load by bringing together
thousands of courses from hundreds of providers. The home page opens with a
search engine that lets you key in subject and location and, comfortingly for
those who’d rather make contact with a human being, it puts forward a phone
number. The search returns a selection of courses and clicking on one of these
takes you to in-depth information on that specific course, including who should
attend, what they should learn, cost and location. If the course suits, you can
buy immediately from the site. If the search criteria isn’t met precisely,
World of Training staff will search offline. Users register for free and then
get a personalised page reflecting areas of interest. The current phase of
World of Training concentrates mainly on face-to-face training, but it intends
to offer more e-learning material in the near future.

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